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1st Year


In the first year you will be introduced to the fundamentals of analogue and digital photography. You will develop the necessary skills in order to understand the technical basics and appropriately apply them. Exercises in the fields of street photography, portrait photography, documentary photography and narrative photography will allow you to practice your photographic vision. Group feedback sessions and theoretical history lessons will train your skills in editing and contextualization of your photographic images.

In addition, you will receive a thorough introduction into the handling of professional studio technology including how to set and mould light with modern flash systems and with natural light.

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2nd Year


The Advanced Courses embrace a wide range of photographic approaches for innovative expression in an atmosphere of cooperative learning. It is open to students who have successfully participated in the basic courses and want to pursue photography at a higher level than they might have before.

You will examine contemporary and historical theory surrounding photography, and participate in critiques of new work supported by critical and theoretical readings and discussions. Alongside working on your own individual projects, you will be given assignments in the fields of documentary photography, fashion- and commercial photography, journalistic photography and portraiture. In a term dedicated to publishing you will be able to create your own photobook and learn the basics of building your own website.

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The Masterclass is designed for photographers who want to work on a personal long-term project. Regular group meetings will be held to discuss all photographic works and help each other with substantial critique in order to clarify positions and find adequate forms of presentation for each photographic work.

Visiting guest lecturers are invited to discuss best practices, methodologies, and innovative media, as well as questions of context and presentation.

The Masterclass will consist of a maximum of 12 students and can be entered in spring, fall or winter.

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All online classes take place in small groups of max 12 students. State-of-the-art technology allows us with to discuss, view and edit images together in high definition image and sound quality. You'll get to know your fellow students from all over the world very well and also experience our renowned lecturers exclusively and up close in class.

The webinar ON GERMAN AND MEXICAN PHOTOGRAPHY is aimed at all interested people and does not require any special photographic training. Nevertheless, the most suitable candidates will be selected in a fair application process. 

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We regularly organize day trips to photographic exhibitions in Germany as well as international travels to our partner schools abroad.

Over the past years Marc Volk has organized several excursions to Mexico City. Whilst being hosted by local families, participants were able to photograph their own projects and collaborate with members of our partner school SPVM. Visits were organised to important art and photography institutions in Mexico City such as Muac, Centro de la Imagen and Jumex.

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