Where can I get information about the school and the courses offered?
All information can be found on the website of the International Photography School. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail and we will be happy to answer.

Can I participate in a class as a guest on a trial basis?
Unfortunately we do not offer trial lessons.

Do I need to speak German to enter the International Photography School?
No, all courses are taught in English.

Is it possible to study for one term only?
Yes, however the full program is designed for two years and certificates are only issued to those who attend the full study program.

Can I enter the second year of training transversely and already be accepted into the Advanced Class?
Yes, it is possible in exceptional cases. This will be at the lecturer’s discretion following a personal interview.

Do you have a student campus and provide accommodation?
Unfortunately we cannot help you find accommodation in Berlin.

Can I visit the school?
Yes, please send us an e-mail and we will get back to you with a proposal for a visit.

What is the status of the International Photography School?
We are a private school. That means that we do not offer Master’s or Bachelor’s degrees, you cannot apply for BAFöG, we charge tuition fees and we cannot support you with visa problems. You will receive a student card and a certificate of study from us.

How are the lessons spread over the term?
Each term has 20 teaching days (excluding the seminars and the Masterclass). As a rule, classes are held every two weeks, with one week free in between. Guaranteed are 1 to 3 days per teaching week.

What equipment do I need for my studies?
Depending on the course you should have a digital camera as well as an analogue 35mm camera. Furthermore, it is advisable to bring your own laptop with a basic picture editing program, e.g. Adobe Lightroom.

Do I have to complete an internship during my studies?

Can I apply for BAföG?
Unfortunately, the International Photography School is not eligible for BAföG.

Are there scholarships for studying photography at the International Photography School?
Since the school is not yet officially recognised, most study grants are unfortunately not available.

Does the school help with obtaining a visa?
Unfortunately not. It is the responsibility of the applicant to apply for a visa that entitles them to stay in Germany. Of course, we will confirm your admission to the course of study after you have passed the entrance interview and signed the contract.