We are proud to work with some of the best professionals in their fields. Our lecturers are experienced photographers, designers, gallerists, editors and art historians who work with photography every day. We are well connected with many important photographic institutions across Berlin and the rest of the world.

Felix Hoffmann

Head Curator at C/O Berlin

"You can only learn photography if you train yourself in seeing and this can be done through history. So you have to deal with existing visual strategies"

C/O Berlin

Christiane Stahl

Director of the Alfred Ehrhardt Foundation

"Photography has a power like few other media. Painting doesn't keep up with the capacity of photography to document reality"

Alfred Ehrhardt Stiftung

Prof. Peter Bialobrzeski

Photographer and Artist

"A critical debate within an art or photography school is really essential when projects become more complex and intellectual"

Peter Bialobrzeski's website

Marc Volk

Photographer and Artist

"I am interested in photography because I am interested in perception"

Marc Volk's website

Nadine Barth

Journalist, Editor and Curator

Great photo books are like objects of desire – they make your heart beat.


Dr. Matthias Harder

Director of the Helmut Newton Foundation

"The biggest challenge for photographers remains to visualize the big issues of the time"

Helmut Newton Foundation

Espen Eichhöfer

Freelance Photographer, Ostkreuz Agency

"I believe that taking pictures of people in public space will be more difficult"

Espen Eichhöfer's website

Jan von Holleben

Commercial Photographer and Artist

"We will never have the 80s again in photography"

Jan von Holleben's website

Michael Biedowicz

Picture editor of Zeitmagazin, curator and gallerist of pavlov's dog

"Photography is more accessible than any other artistic medium"

pavlov's dog

Christina Stivali

Photographer and Post Production Professional

„The best post production is the one you don’t notice.“

Christina Stivali's website

Eric Aichinger

Lecturer for history of photography, film and design, aesthetics and epistemology

”I am interested in why and how we are captivated time and again by the promise of reality that photography offers.”

Gabriele Worgitzki

Artist and Manager of kaschierungberlin

“Anyone who has ever wanted to put a picture on the wall, knows how important and difficult it is to decide on a form of presentation”


Barbara Esch Marowski

Directrice of the Communal Galleries Haus am Kleistpark, Galerie im Rathaus Tempelhof and Tempelhof Museum

"We need pictures and that is why photography will always have a future"

Haus am Kleistpark

Max Zerrahn

Freelance Photographer

"Giving up control can be much more difficult than you think, but for me it tends to lead to more interesting results and it surely is twice the fun"

Max Zerrahn's website

Lutz Becker

Art Book Dealer

"With our great facilities it is easy to produce a photo book. But it is hard to make a book interesting and relevant"

Züli Aladag

Film Director, Writer

"To have empathy is different from feeling something yourself"

Interview with Züli Aladag

Lotte Thor


"It's a thrill to go out and capture the world as I see it"

Lotte Thor's website

Hendrik Lietmann

Freelance Photographer and Filmmaker

"One can understand photography quite soberly as a technical process, but it also has a magical dimension"

Hendrik Lietmann's website

Jo Jankowski


"You're only as good as your worst picture. Let's make it better."

Jo Jankowski's website

Georg Jaenisch

"I perceive the world around me as an interesting environment, which is in a constant process of design and redesign"

Georg Jaenisch's linkedIn

Florian Richter

Photographer and Director of printbox

"Despite digitalisation, there will always be the need for high quality printed images"


Palma Llopis


"A photographer should bring all his/her personal interests, references and circumstances into his/her photography if he/she wants to develop a unique style"

Palma Llopis' website