Online Basic Course

Online Course

In this three months online course, you'll work on practical and challenging assignments from various fields of photography: portrait, storytelling, still life and architectural photography. Our experienced instructors will accompany you in all creative processes with tips and well-informed critiques. A major goal of this online course is to train your aesthetic vision and to provide you with useful criteria for decision making in the artistic and photographic process.

All classes take place in small groups of max 12 students. State-of-the-art technology allows us with to discuss, view and edit images together in high definition image and sound quality. You'll get to know your fellow students from all over the world very well and also experience our renowned lecturers exclusively and up close in class.

Starting on: 22 March 2021
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Course Structure

20 days in total
The course consists of 20 teaching days. Each teaching day lasts from 10:00 to 11:30.
8 days
Professional Photography: You will work on challenging assignments in the fields of portrait, storytelling, still life and architectural photography.
3 days
Theory and History of Photography
2 days
Technical Basics: During various exercises you will playfully get to know the decisive functions of your digital camera and practice the use of natural and artificial light.
3 Days
Digital Darkroom: The post-production lessons will introduce you to the essential basics of digital image processing and image management.
2 Days
Publishing Photography: During two days of lessons, you’ll get essential knowledge about publishing your pictures online.
2 Days
Additionally there will be lessons with renowned curators and photo historians dealing with the history and current trends of contemporary photography.
This webinar is aimed at all interested people and does not require any special photographic training. Nevertheless, the most suitable candidates will be selected in a fair application process. To participate in this unique webinar, all you need is an efficiently enough computer with Adobe Lightroom and a high-speed network connection plus webcam, headset and a digital camera with manual settings.