The Masterclass is designed for photographers who want to work on a long-term personal project. We meet regularly to discuss all photographic works...

22 March 2021
Photo: Melina Papageorgiou

On German and Mexican Photography

This is a joint seminar between AAVI (Mexico City) and IPS (Berlin). During a six week class we will present interesting photographic views from both

10 February 2021
Photo: Anton Gartung
Basic Course

Studio and Staged Photography

Every photograph is the result of light and design. In the photo studio you will learn from professionals how to use modern flash systems and light...

22 March 2021
Photo: Lotte Thor / Shauna Summers
Online Course

Online Basic Course

In this three months online course, you'll work on practical and challenging assignments from various fields of photography: portrait, storytelling,...

22 March 2021
Photo: Rodrigo Alcocer de Garay

Individual Lesson

Meet one of our experts for an individual face to face conversation. Each private lesson lasts 45 minutes and you will receive professional support...

Photo: Hendrik Lietmann
Basic Course

Analogue Basics and Street Photography

Learn the basics of traditional black and white analogue photography from our experts. Expose and develop films and enlarge the best image results in

9 August 2021
Photo: Fernanda Peruzzo
Basic Course

Digital Imaging and Narrative Photography

How can stories be told with photographs? In this course you will learn to take photos thematically and to edit your pictures so that they work in...

Photo: Marc Volk
Advanced Course

Art and Subjective Photography

How can you express yourself through photography? When does photography become a documentary medium? In this course, the participants deal with...

8 November 2021
Photo: Hengame Hosseini

Filming and Editing Films

A film consists of many photographs. In this course you will go through all processes from the script to the finished short film under the guidance...

Photo: Max Zerrahn
Advanced Course

The Photobook

How can a story be told with photographs? What formats and design tools are available? This course is all about photo books. With the help of...

Photo: Marc Volk
Advanced Course

Website and Social Media

Nowadays, photographers are discovered on the Internet and a meaningful presence on the World Wide Web has become more important for professionals...

Photo: Lotte Thor and Shauna Summers

School Trip to Mexico City

As soon as the coronavirus situation allows it again we will plan to fly with a group of 7 photographers to Mexico City, where they will be welcomed...

Photo: Marc Volk